Red de Universidades

con Carreras en InformÁtica

Regular Activities of the RedUNCI Network
  • + Arrangement of an Annual Argentinean Congress on Computer Science (CACIC) with international refereeing since 1995.
  • + Arrangement of an Annual Workshop for Researchers on Computer Science (WICC) since 1999.
  • + Interchange of professors and researchers among the member Universities. Fostering the possibility of sharing invited professors for Postgraduate courses.
  • + Arrangement of meetings for university professors of Computer Science, for Postgraduate Dissertators and for specialists in certain areas, to promote the debate of common interest topics, in the framework of CACIC.
  • + Publication of the Journal on Computer Science &Technology by agreement with ISTEC (Iberoamerican Science and Technology Education Consortium).
  • + Arrangement of meetings of the Universities’ representatives in order to discuss academic and scientific topics (at least 4 meetings a year).
  • + Participation within governmental and business fields in the discussion of actions and policies in the topics of Information Technologies and Communication.
  • + Arrangement of an Annual Congress on Technology in Education and Education in Technologies (TE&ET) since 2006.
  • + Publication of the Magazine of Technology in Education and Education in Technology (TE&ET) by agreement with ISTEC (Iberoamerican Science and Technology Education Consortium), since 2006.
Actividades y Proyectos vinculados con la Educación Universitaria
  • + Arrangement since 1997 of Computer Engineering Schools for university students, in the framework of annual congresses. Every year 150 students from all the Universities in the country take part in these schools with scholarships.
  • + From 2001, arrangement of regular meetings on the Computer Engineering Curricula, which resulted in the agreed Basic Curricular Core document - countersigned by the representatives of 22 Universities. This Curricular Core responds to the current international standards of the discipline.
  • + From 2002, development of different proposals for the certification of the discipline, integrating the course of studies related to Computer Engineering (as well as many other related degrees).
  • + From 2005, collaboration with the SPU of the Education Ministry in a project for the articulation of the basic courses of Computer Engineering course of studies, based on curricular paths and credits (always observing the standards of the Basic Curricular Core).
  • + Development of an academic group for the analysis of the competences by curricular path, with the objective of complementing the certification processes.